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To Commission a Portraicast

Inquiries may be made by contacting the artist directly via e-mail or by telephone for more information. A commission is always a collaboration, feel free to discuss your ideas or questions.

Portraicasts™ require only one sitting (approximately 2 hours)during which photography, creative discussion and a life-cast all take place in a comfortable, relaxed atmosphere. This ensures a true likeness will be captured in the final idealized sculpture yet ultimately allows time for the artist to capture the spirit and make the invisible visible during later work.

The sitting can be scheduled to take place in the artist's studio in convenient midtown Manhattan or in Los Angeles (in a charming rustic setting designed by the artists & overlooking the canyons). Sittings can also be arranged to take place in your home for an additional fee covering travel expenses. (The most recent commission entailed travel to Australia).

Every commission is unique and truly affordable since you can decide what best suits your needs. Prices for a lifesize portrait head or bust are determined individually and based upon a wide range of choices regarding style, materials and base. Gift certificates are available.

Prior clients commissioned pieces reflecting their existing collections. A Sutton Place investor, whose ancient Roman sculptures were exhibited at the Metropolitan Museum, desired a Roman portrait bust of his wife in Mid-Augustan style. An Australian investment banker, who collected Camille Claudel sculptures, felt his daughter was reminiscent of her Petit
.  A bearded Canadian with a western hat fitted in unobtrusively with his Remington Bronzes. A psychic healer, visiting from Denmark, became a terra cotta Bodhisattva with a mystical "third eye" of blue lapis stone which came from a ring he wore to the sitting. A Chicago client created a climate-controlled Egyptian tomb to house his artifacts, complete with limestone walls and hieroglyphics.  He envisioned an Egyptian alabaster of his wife as its reigning Queen. A most touching request came from a mother who wanted a decorated "Midsummer Night's Dream" fairy-like mask of her six year old daughter which one day she could show to her future grand-daughter saying, "This is your mother at your age." (Ages have ranged from 6 to 86).

If you were to own just one piece of art, it should be something very personal that celebrates the past, present, future and life itself.
Portraicasts™ do so imaginatively, effortlessly and affordably.


Julie Prince
California house
Julie Prince bust

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